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If I change my title by using GTM with JavaScript: will it go in the index with updated JS title?

Martin Splitt talks about JavaScript, titles and rendering:   Ah that's a beautiful example of the complications. We might. We might not, because the other title might win over the rende

Is it Ok to have different titles on Mobile and Desktop?

John Mueller talks about Mobile & Desktop parity when it comes to title tags :   We only use the content visible to mobile Googlebot, so if you have different titles, we'd use the mobil

Does having your brand name in every title can be an issue?

John Mueller talks about having your brand name in every title of your website:   That wouldn't be bad, assuming the title has more than just the brand name. — 🍌 John 🍌 (@JohnMu) A

Do proper titles help to rank?

Garry Illes talks about HTML titles and how they can help in raking a website:   If you mean HTML titles, they can help a lot. We've been saying since 2006 or so to write proper titles, but

How much important is the meta description for Google Bot?

Martin Splitt talked about the importance of the meta description to Google bot. Well, they and the title are making up the first impression of what someone searching sees from your sit